WiseWire wades through the flood of information on the Internet to deliver content that is personally relevant to you. Through a combination of the hottest sources and the latest technology, WiseWire intelligently gathers online material and quickly "learns" your interests, delivering the information you want when you want it.

WiseWire puts smart technology to work for you!

WiseWire uses advanced neural network technology to filter all types of digital information, such as Web pages, newswire articles, Usenet newsgroups, and a growing list of premium sources like Reuters and AP.

WiseWire learns what you like!

WiseWire judges incoming information according to your personal interest profile and stores only the 60 best-matched documents in each of your Wires. When new documents are more relevant than those already in a Wire, WiseWire inserts the new documents at the proper priority level and pushes out the least relevant documents.

WiseWire learns from your feedback. A rating bar is displayed on the left side of the screen when you view a document. If you like the document's content, click near the top of the rating bar. If you don't like the content, click near the bottom. Each time you rate a document, WiseWire refines its understanding of your interests and delivers increasingly valuable information. You can further teach your Wire by directly telling it which keywords and information sources to look for and which to avoid.

Tap into specialized information sources with grids and community feeds!

WiseWire has established a number of topic areas called "grids". Each topical grid pulls in information from the Net on a broad subject such as computers, sports, or business. Each grid has "community feeds", which are Wires that have been promoted and made available to all WiseWire Members because they are routinely pulling in high-quality information from the Net. WiseWire approaches the owners of these highly effective personal Wires and asks permission to promote them to community feeds.

When you plug in to a community Feed, you get the advantages of jump-starting your Wire's education through community feedback and teaching your own Wire more about your personal interests.

Join forces with other WiseWire Members to improve your information!

Each community Feed learns from all of the personal Wires plugged into it. When you read and rate articles on your personal Wire, you are teaching the community feed to pull in better content.

If you plug into a feed and find irrelevant content, this is because not enough members have plugged into it. You can improve the quality of the feed by reading and rating articles. As the feed improves, more members will find it interesting; as more members actively use the feed, it will learn even faster. This is the power of an information community.